Tvind Ballon i EM Ungarn - nu på engelsk

We – a group of students and teachers from Tvind International School centre in Denmark are in Hungary to participate in the European hot air balloon Championship in September 2015.
102 balloons from all over Europe will meet and compete during 7 days in Debrecen, Hungary.
Tvinds hot air balloon is one of them.


This is a spectacular sight .


Our crew and our balloon have over the years participated in several Danish and Nordic championships, several European Championships, two World Championships and a lot of other balloon arrangements.


So this year we decided to make something bigger out of The European hot air balloon Championship by gathering a group of students from the care homes and schools at Tvind, DNS students and teachers – a total of 20 people, who joined the balloon crew as supporters and who wanted to enjoy this special event.


Tvind Ballon deltog EM i Ungarn, september 2015 Tvind Ballon, vores stolthed Tvind Ballon i Ungarn - ballon er magik

Why do we fly hot air balloon?
A hot air balloon is a big pedagogical machine - like a bus, like a ship etc.
It is much bigger than one person and you feel that when you are about to fly. Here you need a crew of people working together – to unfold and set up the balloon, to fly it and for others to follow it by car on land, keeping in contact by radio or telephone, ready to pick it up where ever it lands.


(En af) Tvind Ballon crew: Ivan, elev på Ungdomshøjskole PTG Tvind Ballon Navigator: Bjarne, medarbejder, Botilbuddet på DNS Tvinds ballonskipper: Palle Olsen

Most of our students who come from difficult back grounds have not had victories in their lives.
Flying hot air is a big victory.
Here the students really are somebody. They are the crew. They take part in flying through out the year with local people, other guests, school groups and flying during special events like the European Championship, where they meet other crew (who come from a very different back ground).
Proudly the students present our balloon, talk to people and answer many questions from people who stop to watch this spectacular sight.
Proudly they engage with other crew members.
They are the Tvind hot air balloon crew. They really have something unique and they do fine.

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