International Peace Conference

Saturday April 25th in Tvind, Ulfborg. Time: 11 – 22.

Main speakers: Jan Øberg, Bo Richardt, Hasse Sneiderman.

Workshops about Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq, etc.

The Peace Conference is hosted by Det Nødvenige Seminarium and the primary participants are students and teachers from One World Center schools in Denmark, Norway and the UK will, as well as students and teachers from the Tvind schools in Denmark. Peace organisations like FredsVagten and Fredsministeriet are also coming.

The conference is also open to the general public – so you are hereby invited!

We are still working with the details of the programme, and will do so until the day of the conference, since more and more people are joining in. 

The rough outline of the program right now looks like this.
(Please check this page out for changes.)

You can also follow the event on FB: 


11.00 Welcome and refreshments
Introduction to the program and to all groups participating

Presentation by Bo Richardt from “FredsVagten” (20 min)
Presentation by Hasse Sneiderman from “Fredsministeriet”  (20 min)
Presentation by Tom Vilmer Paamand from “Aldrig mere krig” (20 min)
Time for questions/discussion

13.00 Lunch
Presentation by Peace Scientist, Jan Øberg (1,5 hrs)
Time for questions/discussion

16.00 Refreshments

16.30 Workshops, for example (not finalized yet)

  • Iraq past to present 
  • Palestine is still the issue 
  • Ukraine – a civil war? 
  • War refugees in the world 
  • How do we get the peace movements moving?
  • Teaching a Peace and Tolerance Curriculum in Danish schools (in Danish)
  • Sharing good teaching materials and ideas (in Danish)
  • Nonviolent communication solutions in daily life 
  • Role play game (for the young audience)
  • Music workshop: Sing and play the best peace songs – old and new
  • “All we are saying….” photo greeting to the world
  • Peace activism in practice: Peace pranks and provocations


18.30 Dinner

20 – 22 Cultural evening for Peace; songs, poetry, sketches etc. 

Open All Day
Art exhibition by Heather Spears: “Massacre” Drawings from Jerusalem
Poster exhibition by students in Tvind “We are fighting for tolerance”
Book / poster shop

Sunday 26/4      
10.00 – 14:00 
International Sports and Friendship Day in Tvind 
with 100 guests from local refugee centres and local schools.

Students from DNS, Ungdomshøjskolen PTG, CICD, DRH Norway and Lindersvold prepare the event on 

Friday April 24th       

A day of preparations, such as:

  • Preparing the facilities for the event  
  • Preparing food       
  • Making exhibitions
  • Preparing cultural contributions with songs, poetry, theatre
  • Preparing the Sunday Sports- and Friendship day

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